PVC American NSF certified gloves

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This product is certified by NSF

It is made of synthetic PVC material and does not contain proteins in latex that can easily cause human allergy. Those who have allergic reactions to latex gloves can use this product.

Selected formula, advanced technology, soft hand feeling, comfortable anti-skid, flexible operation.

The production process of this product fully complies with the production requirements of the National Foundation for food processing and food processing. The gloves are non-toxic, harmless and tasteless, and can be safely used in various high-end markets such as food processing and food processing.

The powder-free gloves use a special powder-free process for more thoughtful protection.

This product is disposable gloves.

Packing: according to customer needs

Variety: natural color without powder, powder-free yellow

Model: XS No. S No. M No. L No. XL No.

PVC American NSF certified gloves

This product has passed NSF certification and ISO9001 / ISO13485 certification

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